Who Wouldn't Want a Lovely Little Log Cabin for Just $6,500?

If you have always dreamed of owning a log cabin, then you are probably familiar with the normal expenses associated with designing and building or buying your dream cabin. Log cabins tend to be extremely expensive, usually at a cost of $200-$300 per square foot. That means a simple and small 1,000 square foot log cabin can cost you upwards of $200,000-$300,000, depending on local labor costs and material selections. But what if you could purchase a small, simple and inexpensive mini log cabin for just a fraction of the cost? Would you be willing to put that dream cabin on hold, to start small and build your way bigger? The good news is, there is an inexpensive alternative and it is this 10x18 Log Cabin: Mini Log Cabin Comes Built No Kit.

This mini log cabin is classified as a tiny home. Tiny homes are typically under 400 square feet and at just 180 square feet, this little log cabin fits the bill. But youd be surprised what you can do with 180 square feet! The great thing about this mini log cabin is that fact that it is not a kit that is shipped in pieces with marks on each log and instructions about how to fit them altogether. This mini log cabin comes pre-built and is delivered, in one piece, to your site. Another benefit is that this mini log cabin is just a shell (four walls with preinstalled windows and a door , a floor and a roof). There is no kitchenette, no bathroom, and no interior walls it is completely open concept and the perfect blank canvas to start creating your little dream log cabin. And did I mention it only costs $6,500?

This mini log cabin is a result of the upswing in interest towards the small and home movement, which advocates living simply in smaller spaces (typically under 400 for a tiny home, and under 1,000 for a small home). Average house sizes in the United States are growing, and are nearly exceeding 2,700 square feet, despite the fact that the size of the average family is decreasing. Fewer people equal less space required to live comfortably, and that should equate to a willingness to downsize and simplify. Small and tiny homes often place emphasis on design and quality over sheer space, and this mini log cabin is no exception. It is made from real wood, real logs, and comes complete with all new materials, including windows and metal roof. Containing nothing but an empty space, this tiny log cabin is both small and simple and requires simple living from its owner (and by that I mean it requires the necessity to learn the difference between wants luxury items and needs necessary, every-day items).

There are many examples of people living in tiny homes, even tiny log cabins, and making it work. And because these mini log cabins are made to a standard size, it would be easy to purchase more than one and place them side-by-side or in a close vicinity in order to separate your spaces and give yourself extra room as needed. (I would love to buy two and have one for a bathroom/bedroom and the other for a kitchen/living area!) With these mini log cabins all you need is a little bit of imagination and know-how and you can finish them off to your own specifications quite simply and inexpensively. So while these tiny log cabins may not represent the log cabin youve always dreamed of owning, they do make log cabin ownership far easier and more accessible and always offer the option to up-size (add-on) when time and funds allow. And at just $6,500 you really cant go wrong!

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