This Cabin Proves Tiny Homes Can Be Luxurious

The tiny house trend is growing more than ever, and there are so many people jumping on board by building or buying their own tiny houses on wheels. There are many different ways to get a tiny house on wheels, transforming vans, old busses and old RVs into homes are some of the ways people are able to affordably build their tiny house on wheels. Sometimes this includes gutting the entire existing structure or even tearing a camping trailer right down to the trailer just to use the trailer as a foundation. People will also go for buying a brand new trailer which is usually the safer, more reliable option since these trailers are built to withstand the weight of a tiny house on wheels while a recreational trailer was meant to hold the weight of a recreational unit which is made out of much lighter materials. This home was built by a tiny house building company called Tiny Wood Homes out of the UK.

This home you see that was featured on the Country Living website is one of the homes they've built, and they now rent them out for a nightly rate. A tiny house design like this would cost around $57,000 USD to purchase brand new. The home you see here is the Tinywood Two one of seven tiny house accommodations currently for rent on their property. The Tinywood Two is the second property, and it's a cozy 16-foot long tiny house design made out of steel and wood. This tiny house on wheels features two bedroom lofts which are upstairs, and then the ground floor acts as the living and dining room area, but it also has a couch that converts into another bed. So this home can comfortably sleep 6 people if need be. Sleeping six people in a tiny house might be comfortable for a couple of nights, but it wouldn't be practical for full-time occupation.

In the home, there's also a fully equipped kitchen finished with a sink and plenty of counter top and cabinet space. There's also a fold away dining table that can seat five people. The living room has a wood burning stove and sofa which would make for a lovely place to enjoy relaxing. There's also a separate shower and toilet and two staircases leading to the two bedroom lofts.

Of course, you can't forget the hot tub that's attached on the back of this tiny house on wheels. Through a back door, you're able to access the wooden hot tub for the tiny house which is heated by wood fire. This would be the perfect place to warm up on a cold day or enjoy a relaxing soak while start gazing under the night sky. If you've been considering building or buying a tiny house of your own, it certainly helps to look at designs online to get an idea of what you'd like for your own tiny house. You can then start drawing out your own ideas to bring them to life and then bring them to a designer who you want to work with on your own tiny house design. Also, staying in a tiny house on wheels is a great idea as well. Spending a few nights in a tiny house will give you an idea of what it might be like to live in a tiny house on wheels, and you can also get design ideas this way too. You could stay in a few different tiny houses to explore different sizes and designs to get a taste for what it would be like to transition to tiny house living.***

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