The Pacific Pioneer's Incredible Interior Includes a First-floor Bedroom Among Its Many Wonders

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous tiny house design called the Pacific Pioneer from Handcrafted Movement. This is the company's newest tiny house design going for $74,000 US located near Portland, Oregon. The sale of the tiny house is currently pending, but that doesn't mean you can't take away some great inspiration from this awesome home design. The home is 28 feet long by 8.5 feet wide built on a rock solid Tiny House Trailer with three 7,000 pound axles. The trailer also has built in levelling jacks, brakes that hook up to the towing vehicle, road lighting, and a sealed aluminium floor pan. This is the kind of tiny house design that shows you don't have to compromise style or luxury when you move into a tiny house. This tiny house has so much style and personality packed into the space. All of the time and effort that went into creating this home definitely shows and would make any homeowner proud to call this tiny house home. On the exterior, they used board and batten siding with cedar accents and went with a standing seam metal roof.

For the door, they installed a glass exterior door and 2 lighting fixtures at the front door and 2 exterior power outlets to plug things in when out on a patio. There's also a utility closet with two 20 pound propane tanks and a tankless water heater that runs off of propane as well. The electric is run off of a 50 amp electrical panel with 50 amp RV outlet which means the tiny house can be plugged into any outlet. Once inside the home, it's hard not to notice all of the space in this tiny house. It definitely makes you think that small house living wouldn't be too bad after all. This home can sleep up to 7 people, two in the main level bedroom that has a sliding barn door, a couple in the lofts and on the sofa bed One of the cool features in the living room is the little fireplace unit with an electric fireplace in it. The fireplace also serves as a place to use as a desk, and there's shelving above which is where the TV goes. The TV can be pulled out so it can be watched from the bed in the bedroom too.

The floors are well insulated for colder days, and they installed Hickory hardwood flooring which looks beautiful. The Walnut butcher block countertops in the kitchen look really nice with the white cabinetry, giving the kitchen and earthy, yet bright and airy look. They also have a 24 inch apartment sized 4 burner gas range which would be so nice for cooking meals. There's also a built-in dining seat for up to 4 people. There's also an energy efficient fridge and freezer too. In addition to the main bedroom, there are two lofts which could be used as bedroom spaces, or for storage which there is no shortage of in this tiny house design. Having storage is a must in any tiny house, and this home has plenty of built-in storage which would make small house living much easier and more organised. The bathroom is a lovely space as well, with a 36 inch by 34 inch fibreglass shower stall and an energy efficient flush toilet, there's also a sink and a nice vanity with built-in storage and even some space for an all in one washer and dryer laundry unit. If you want to build a tiny house of your own, this tiny house design will definitely give you some inspiration. Check out more of Handcrafted Movement's houses too.***

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