The Interior Style of This Amazing Rewild Tiny Home Is Truly Breathtaking!

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a tiny cabin on wheels design, both inside and out. This tiny house on wheels from Rewild Homes is a good example of how all the details that go into a tiny house design can make the tiny space feel unique and comfortable. This tiny house on wheels has unique details on both the exterior and interior of the blue door and the white trim to the original cedar siding on the top of the tiny house. Once inside the tiny house space feels spacious and rustic with the use of white walls and dark wood on the floors, countertop, and trim. The raw edge countertop makes this space stand out, along with the use of skylights and several windows to let in the natural light. Prices for these customized tiny cabins on wheels start at $37,000 which includes everything you need to live comfortably from the insulation, the framing, plumbing, electrical and more.

Living in a tiny house on wheels is a way to live a life that is a lot cleaner. Which means living a life with only the essentials and without the need to have so much stuff. Downsizing to a tiny house on wheels forces a person to get rid of all the things they don't need and keep only the things that are essential and that you love the most. By living in a tiny house design, your cost of living goes down, and the quality of life goes up. By spending less money on home repairs and maintenance, house taxes and the overall cost of your home you can, in turn, work less, do more of the things you enjoy and save more money. These quality custom built tiny house designs on wheels are built according to your needs and lifestyle, so you get a tiny home design that suits your life.

The tiny cabins on wheels and tiny house designs from Rewild Homes are completely custom made using quality building materials. The tiny homes are built to order and move-in ready. Every tiny house they build is unique, and they work with each customer from start to finish to create the full custom tiny home. You get to be a part of the entire building process from choosing the appliances, the interior and exterior finishes, and more. You get to choose the number of skylights to the height of your kitchen cabinets, so your tiny house design is exactly as you want it. The details and the building that goes into these tiny cabins on wheels are built with quality craftsmanship with builders who have over 20 years experience building quality homes. Rewild tiny house designs are built to the highest standards. All of the Rewild Homes are built by a licensed contractor, so they don't cut corners on any part of the build. And you can feel good about these tiny cabins on wheels as the homes are built with building materials that are sourced locally from Vancouver Island with building materials that use sustainable practices.

This is just one of the small houses on wheels and tiny house designs you will find on the Rewild Homes site. Rewild Homes located on Vancouver Island, Canada is a tiny house company that started to help fill the niche and supports the movement of people wanting to live more simply, with less stuff that would enable them to live more fully. Rewild Homes was a business that started to fill a niche and support a movement of living simply, using less stuff and enjoying life more. **

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