Take a Look Inside the World's Tiniest Irish Pub

This tiny house on wheels just might be the cutest pub there is. And with tiny house designs more popular than ever before, tiny house designs are being used for just about everything. And this tiny house on wheels just goes to show that tiny house designs aren't just for small house living. You might use a tiny house on wheels for a vacation home, a guest house, or a backyard office. But this tiny house on wheels takes that cake in unique uses for these tiny homes, with the Shebeen tiny house on wheels being used as a tiny pub. The Shebeen is an Irish pub on wheels that is turning the small space into a big business. The tiny house on wheels is built from a 30-year-old caravan and is based out of Galway, Ireland. The Shebeen tiny house on wheels is a replica of a traditional Irish bar, complete with the handcrafted Irish oak and solid pine details. From the white brick exterior of this tiny house on wheels to the yellow window finishings, and even the wooden flower pots, this mobile tiny pub has plenty of Irish charm, and brings the spirit of the country wherever it goes. And if you are lucky enough to live in Ireland, you can also rent The Shebeen tiny house on wheels for weddings, events and private. Otherwise, you can purchase your own custom-made tiny house on wheels model that will come with the window boxes and a fully functional bar. You will want to take a closer look at this adorable tiny house on wheels.

Shebeen which is Irish for an illicit bar where alcohol is sold illegally. Shebeen are known especially in Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa, and are unlicensed establishments or private houses that sell alcoholic liquor and are typically regarded as slightly disreputable. This tiny house on wheels will seat 12 adults comfortably inside. Both the windows in this unique small house plan fold down which allows for drinks to be served through each of the windows, giving extra counter space outside of the tiny house design too. The authentic Irish pub experience isn't something that is easy to define. It can be magical and warm, a cozy haven on a cold winters eve. An Irish pub can be about sipping on a pint beside an open fire, with good conversation with people you like. An Irish Pub experience is about forgetting the world and escaping to a place where nothing other than the drink in front of you and the people that are around your table matter. An Irish Pub experience is part banter and laughs and full of fun and tears. The Shebeen tiny house on wheels is available to rent for both private and corporate functions such as weddings, parties, engagements, promotional events and more.

The Shebeen tiny house on wheels offers a fully functional mobile bar with seating for up to ten people and a cooler and taps for two draft beers. The Shebeen tiny house on wheels has an electric stove heater, a music sound system, LED lighting behind bar, electric sockets for additional appliances and fold-down windows for outdoor entertaining. The Shebeen tiny house on wheels has an original High Nelly Bicycle and window boxes and inserts.

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