Take A Look At This Tiny Dream Log Cabins and a Floating Log Home, Wow!

If you're looking for some log cabin design inspiration, you've come to the right place. Deek Diedricksen has a whole bunch of wood cabins he's posted for our viewing pleasure. They're all exterior shots so you can really get an appreciation for the log cabin designs and maybe even get some ideas for your own log cabin projects. Having a little log cabin is a dream many people have, yet not everyone makes it a reality. First of all, you have to have some land to build the log cabin on which can be quite expensive and also, you'll need some money left over to actually build the log cabin too. Even though it would be a small log cabin, even small wood cabins can cost quite a bit to build. You still have to buy all of the materials for the build, and then you have to put in the work to build the structure which takes a lot of patience and skill. Most of the log cabins you see in the photo gallery are rustic old wood cabins that seem to have been around for ages. Most of these old log cabin designs probably served as someone's home at some point in history.

The reason people built their homes so small back then is so that they wouldn't have to source a bunch of materials, and also so that they could keep their homes warmer in the colder months. It's much easier to heat a small house than it is to heat a large mansion, so keeping the home small was also for energy saving reasons too. As we move along, most people are starting to realise that bigger is not always better and people are starting to want to go back the the old ways of living within our means. Plus, smaller log cabins are so much cosier than the larger chalets. If you're considering building a log cabin of your own, you may want to consider building it yourself and getting a log home building kit from a company in your area. Try to find a log home kit distributer in your area to keep shipping costs low, and to support your local economy. If you have log mills close by you, you could even purchase your own raw logs and learn how to cut and scribe them to build your log cabin. It's a lot of work, but you'd learn so much, and it would be such a rewarding process.

Another option is to have your log cabin built for you, which can cost a little more than building it yourself, but if you don't have a lot of extra time, this would be a great option. Some log home building companies will build the entire log cabin in their warehouse and then transport it to your piece of land to set it on a foundation that you have ready. That way you don't have to do any of the work, and you'll have a handcrafted log cabin ready to use. The other option is to buy an old log cabin that's for sale. This can be a very rewarding experience too, as you'll have a little piece of history to enjoy. You may have to do some work to fix it up, but keeping these beautiful structures alive and well is so worth it. Some log cabins can stand for hundreds of years if they're properly maintained. Enjoy looking through all of these cool photos of real log cabins and see which one you like the most. There's even a floating log cabin which is pretty amazing.***

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