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It's amazing how throwing together a funky exterior clad can make such a huge difference in the appearance of a small house design. The Red House has all sorts of shades of color as you will see in the video. The interior is clean, simple, and minimal with an open space design and upstairs loft. This unique small house plan is currently for sale.

There are all sorts of benefits of living in a tiny cabin design. Choosing a small house design can result in big savings. Making the jump to a small house design can save you a lot of money. Maybe you want to downsize so you can invest in your business, or maybe you want to spend more time and money traveling, downsizing can allow for that. Utility costs for a tiny cabin design will be lower. The cost of insurance, heating, taxes, cooling, electricity, and more will always be less in a small house design that is less than a 1,000 square feet. While other factors affect the insurance and taxes, utilities are the guaranteed place where you will save. And if youre going the condo route, you can save money on maintenance fees. Since most association fees are calculated on the square footage, the fewer square feet that are in a condo, the lower the monthly expenses will be for the owner. Downsizing into a small house design means that popular neigborhoods can be more affordable.

Maintaining a tiny cabin design or small house design is a lot easier and less expensive. Anyone living in a home over 3,000 square feet knows that there always seems to be something that needs fixing. Whether its a leak in the washing machine or a broken pipe in the bathroom, the simple fact is, that larger homes require more maintenance and upkeep. And although few people can really say they enjoy weekend home maintenance, a small house design means that potentially fewer things will go wrong in the first place. And big-ticket items like replacing the roof, redoing the floors, and exterior paint jobs will take a smaller chunk out of your paycheck. Cleaning and de-cluttering a tiny cabin design takes half the time. Not only are there fewer rooms in the house to tackle, but also a small house designs size helps you cut down on clutter. It really helps declutter your life, and you have no option other than to keep the necessary things in life. In a small house design, there is not as much to clean, and it takes half the time to clean a smaller space.

Remodelling and redecorating your tiny cabin design costs less. It is a plus to be able to splurge on the few pieces you love versus having to buy more to accommodate a larger sized house. With a large home, you tend to purchase a lot of off-the-shelf furniture so that you can to up the space. Whereas with a tiny cabin design, you have built-in limits on buying too much. If you remodel, costs are going to be lower as well. Just think of all the gorgeous granite countertops, wallpapers, and other luxury home upgrades you can indulge in. There are times when bigger might be better, but also when bigger just seems to be overwhelming. A smaller space feels more intimate and lived in when compared to a larger sized space. You will find this small house design on the Tiny House Listings site. On the site, you will find tiny cabin designs, unique small house plans, tiny interior design, small house living and so much more. **

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