Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

Who says sloppy joes and grilled cheese sandwiches are just for kids?! This Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese recipe is something that kids and adults alike will be interested, if not totally excited to try out. Everyone in North America can remember their parents making them grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch when they were little. And mostly everyone loves them because of the great nostalgia that they bring to mind. As we all grow older, someone in our family teaches us how to make a grilled cheese sandwich for the very first time, and we learn the secret to making a sandwich that is crispy on the outside and so nice and soft and gooey on the inside. I am sure you can remember when you learned how to make a grilled cheese, I know I sure can.

We probably all remember sloppy joes as a kid favourite as we were growing up. It was a quick and easy meal for our parents to make, nothing fancy or glamorous about it whatsoever, but we kids just loved it. Probably because it was so sloppy and fun to eat and because they tasted so good. The bun with all of the saucy meat overflowing out from the sides, sometimes with a nice slice of cheese melted on the top. So good, right? Kids probably still absolutely love these two easy but delicious recipes so much, and so do the adult kids. Well now, Ashley from over at The Recipe Rebel food blog, has taken both of these kid favourites and combined them for a legendary recipe that all kids and adult kids will absolutely love.

This is such a simple recipe, you will love to make this, and especially eat it! This works great if you want to make sloppy joes one night, and you still have some of the meat mixture leftover. Ashley also has a great recipe up on her website for her special sloppy joe mixture, that she makes with beef and lentils, in her slow cooker. This slow cooker sloppy joe meat and lentils recipe looks so darn yummy... And how easy its it to just throw all of the ingredients into your slow cooker and let the pot work it's magic?! You gotta love modern day inventions, right? So you can have this recipe, not just one night, but two nights, or to use the sloppy joe grilled cheese sandwich as a lunch recipe the next day.

To make the meat, all that is required is ground beef, lentils, zucchini, or carrot or both, onion, ketchup, barbecue sauce, apple cider vinegar, and some other spices. You slightly cook the meat before it goes into your slow cooker, and then you just add in all of the ingredients to cook for eight hours on low. Imagine that smell when you enter your house after a long day at work? So good! To make the grilled cheese sloppy joe sandwiches, all you have to do is prepare your bread the way you would for a normal grilled cheese sandwich and then add the sloppy joe mix on top of the cheese, then top it with more cheese and the other slice of buttered bread. Allow it to cook, and allow the cheese to melt into the meat, allowing the bread to crisp up, until it is all done and enjoy! I highly doubt anyone would want ketchup with this grilled cheese, with all of the awesome barbecue sauce in the meat sauce... and the ketchup already in the sauce itself. This would be awesome to make for kids, they would just gobble it up in to time flat. Try out this epic combination of everyone's two favourite sandwiches and see what you think.

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