Skylodge Houses Adventurous Travelers in Glass Pod Clinging to a 400-Foot Cliff

It seems like everyday there's a new article with awesome photos boasting how someone designed something totally revolutionary for a home. Now I've seen my share of awesome and incredible homes, especially now with the advent of tiny homes, people are getting incredibly creative... but after seeing this post I'm truly blown away. This skylodge houses adventurous travelers in glass pod clinging to a 400-foot cliff. Now for all of you out there who enjoy a bit of an adrenaline rush, this might be the perfect getaway . Just when I thought I'd seen it all, this incredible skylodge came my way.Located at the Natura Viva Skylodge in Peru's Sacred Valley "This isnt a typical vacation, and it definitely isnt for those with a fear of heights. Here, guests sleep in a transparent glass pod that clings to the side of one of the valleys highest peaks. But before they even get to their accommodations, travelers must climb a 400-foot cliff face."This adventure sure isn't for the faint of heart, as it's not exactly a walk in the woods. Instead it's a hike, various ziplines across mountainous territories, and finally an arrival at these small but spacious pods hanging off the side of a cliff. You are dropped off at your destination, and later guided back to the common world where you're rewarded with a dinner and some wine. Sounds like a pretty great deal!

It's incredible the ingenuity of the design. "The Natura Vive Skylodge consists of three capsule suites that can house a total of eight people. Each pod is constructed from aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, and its surprisingly spacious. The 24-foot long and 8-foot wide space has room for high-quality bedding, a dining area, and a separate bathroom with an eco-toilet and sink. Suites also include curtains for privacy from other guests and curious wildlife."

Seems like there isn't much more that you could ask for! This article is featured on the "My Modern Met" website, and I strongly encourage you to click on of the links in this article to see all the amazing photos of this skylodge. It's honestly breathtaking. After taking a look and reading about this glass pod, it's now officially on my bucket list. I mean, how many people can say they slept in a glass pod clinging to a 400-ft cliff? Few of course ! Now this may not be suitable for a family excursion, but if you and your partner are looking for something adventurous to do together, you might want to consider a little trip to Peru.

I'm sure in the years to come these neat little pods will gain in popularity, and they'll start to appear all over the place. But until then, this is the first time I've heard of something like this, so you might just have to travel the distance. Now I don't know if I could ever live in something like it, but spending a few nights sounds reasonable. Okay maybe one night, max two! I'm sure you would get to witness some pretty amazing sunsets and sunrises from that vantage point. You might get some unexpected wild visitors too which makes things that much more interesting! Well enough reading for now, go on and click on one of the links and checkout the photos for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed, you'll just be that much more eager to go on vacation. But I'm sure we all are, so enjoy!

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