She Wanted to Keep Her Toilet Fresh and Clean for Longer. First She Pours Vinegar, but Then She Does This!

When it comes to bathroom cleaning hacks, you can never have too many. Whether its finding out the best cleaning products for bathroom or using eco-friendly cleaners, there is lots to know. Cleaning the bathroom isn't a popular job, but if you have the right cleaners, and have a bit of a system in place to help with the task it will get the job done. And once the bathroom is clean you can feel better knowing that the job is done. The best part about these bathroom cleaning hacks and eco-friendly cleaners is that they are easy to make and you can feel good using them around your family and for the environment. Many people don't think about it, but you need to start with the water tank when you do your bathroom cleaning. You might not realize it, but the toilet is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, hard water stains and bacteria. So when you start your bathroom cleaning, you'll want to start with the back water tank first. You can use inexpensive white vinegar as an eco-friendly cleaner by pouring some into the tank and letting it sit while you clean. Then flush the toilet about two to three times to rinse out the water tank.

Another thing people often forget to do when it comes to bathroom cleaning is to disinfect their toilet cleaning brush. This is a bathroom cleaning hack that you don't want to forget. You toilet bowl might be clean but using a dirty cleaning brush only spreads the germs around from the last time you cleaned, and letting it sit with all those germs isn't the nicest thought. This simple bathroom cleaning hack also uses the eco-friendly cleaner of soaking in white vinegar. You can go one step further and soak in some bleach, but if you'd rather stay away from bleach, the white vinegar also does a great job.

White distilled vinegar is an eco-friendly cleaner that won't cost you a lot. You might be surprised at just how far this nontoxic cleaner will go. While some people might think that white distilled vinegar is just for making salad dressings and pickles, but you might be surprised at the wide variety of uses this inexpensive ingredient is for. Vinegar has been around for thousands of years and has an interesting history as it was discovered more than 10,000 years ago. Through the years white vinegar has been produced from a variety of raw ingredients from grapes, berries, fruits, beer, honey, potatoes, and grains. No matter the source of the vinegar, the process of making vinegar has pretty much remained unchanged through the years. Vinegar is a versatile food product and eco-friendly cleaner.

The disinfectant properties of white vinegar work well for all sorts of household cleaning projects. Vinegar is effective at cutting grease, removing stains, and as a water softener. Inexpensive white vinegar can also be used to dissolve mineral deposits, grease, removing traces of soap, removing mildew or wax build up, polishing some metals and as a natural deodorizer. Besides cleaning your bathroom, white vinegar can be used to clean brick or stone and can be used as an ingredient in some nontoxic natural carpet cleaning solutions. Vinegar is typically used in an eco-friendly cleaning solution mixed with water, but can also be used straight. White vinegar is something you always want to have in your cabinets.

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