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This beautiful 1,700 square foot Sebastopol green building design is located between two stands of Redwood trees. This modern design takes advantage of its natural surroundings and was designed by architect firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop for two graphic designers. This best small home plan is long and linear, and has terraces on either end. The terraces at either end of the custom built log cabin connect to paths that lead to either the pool further down the site or to the garage/office building that is located next to the main house. The green building design has natural horizontal cedar siding and a pale gray metal roof. This green building design blends in with the surrounding forest. The green building design is exposed on the south side by a row of windows that run the whole length of the stunning home and by the main entrance. The clerestory windows in this best small home plan allow the southern light to flood the interior filling it with plenty of natural light.

The entry to this modern green building design features a pair of grand and stunning solid wood doors that open up to a small foyer. The dining room in the green house build is straight ahead with a hallway to the right, which leads to the more private areas within the house. The dining room in this green building design keeps its focus on the tree line that is just past the wall of glazings. The home strikes a modern look with all of its window trims, furnishing, and floors being various shades of natural wood with white walls. Over the top of the dining table is a highly sculptural unique white pendant that doesn't distract from the outside views. The dining room in the green building design is located on one end of the open living space which is a large open floor plan, with the living room is on the other end with the kitchen positioned in-between. The only other additions to the wood and white color scheme in the house are the black wood burning fireplace and the black granite countertops along with the small additions of color within the client’s art objects.

The wall of windows in the house gives way to the beautiful tree views all around. Opposite the wall of the master suite, there is also a pair of French glass doors that open onto a small terrace. This terrace connects to a path that leads to the client’s home office in a separate building that also includes the garage. The office and garage are separate from each joined with a covered void between the two buildings. The covered area is the perfect place to take in some of the natural views and enjoy some fresh forest air. This green building design is only 1,700 square feet but with an open floor plan, and a focus on the outside views the home feels much larger. With its luxurious finishes of Douglas-fir ceilings, decking, and trim, the green home also has a modern feel. The home has a separate home office and a pool that incorporates the outdoors. The pool is the perfect place to get outdoors and relax and enjoy the natural views. You will want to take a look at the photo gallery of this stunning, yet simple green house design.

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