See How 400 Sqft. Cabin's Living Room Combines Rustic and Modern to Perfection

Are you looking for a cozy, relaxing retreat to get away from it all? The Wedge from Fireside Resort will totally give you the vacation or getaway you are looking for. If you vacation to the same old places every year, you might want to try something new. You may even want to consider exploring your own country or countries close by before you venture across the ocean. There is so much to explore in the United States and Canada; both places have so much to offer for travel and amazing outdoor experiences. The best part is, most of the places are only a drive or a short flight away. You may also want to consider a relaxing vacation instead of a vacation where you'll be checking out tourist attractions the entire time. Book some time to do the things you want to do, but also book in some much needed chill time where you are able to do nothing. That's what these Wedge tiny house accommodations would be so perfect for.

Fireside Resort is located in Wilson, Wyoming, which is near Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is known for it's ski resort and great skiing in the winter months. As far as outdoor activities, there is plenty to do year round. There is of course skiing and snowboarding, which the town is a known haven for. While you're staying at one of the 20 different cabins, you can rent out a Jeep to cruise around and explore the great outdoors as well. Fireside Resort also offers great combination deals that include skiing and snowboarding passes if you're heading there for some fun on the mountain. In the summertime, you can enjoy river rafting or hiking, as well as mountain biking if you're into that, or some golfing if you enjoy golf.

Their tiny house cabins are available year round, and each of the tiny houses is quite similar in style. They have similar tiny house designs, but they each also have their own little unique touches too. The Wedge Cabin which you see here is a beautiful, 95 square foot, cozy tiny house with all the comforts of your very own home. The tiny house designs feature a fully equipped kitchen, with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, toaster and an induction cooktop. That means you can enjoy home cooked meals while you're on vacation. Eating out is a fun experience, but sometimes you just crave a home cooked meal. The kitchen would definitely make this mini house feel like a home away from home. The bedroom offers down duvets and lots of pillows on a really comfortable looking bed. Patio doors open up onto a lovely balcony, which would be the perfect place to sit and relax on a nice warm evening or early in the morning with your cup of coffee. Each cabin also has it's own private bathroom with a shower. These tiny house cabins were designed so stylishly with bright, colourful art and decor that creates a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy. The fireplace would also be a wonderful to cozy up to on a chilly night with the one you love. You can sleep up to 4 people in one of these Wedge tiny house designs too. If you like this design, and you're thinking of building a mini house of your own, maybe you could benefit from spending a night in the tiny house cabin. It would be best to see what it feels like to stay in a tiny house before moving into one yourself. Check out the photos of the Wedge and get inspired by it's beautiful, stylish design.***

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