Remove Stains on Your Flat Iron With One Secret Ingredient!

You are sure to love these 23 most unusual clean house tips and DIY ideas for around the home. These DIY ideas use a variety of products that you may already have around the house. Things like toothpaste, Coca-Cola, lemons and aluminium foil. You'll want to take a look at the DIY idea viral video that already has more than 3,000,000 views. The following are just some of the DIY ideas using toothpaste that you will find on the list, along with other useful toothpaste ideas.

1. Did you know that you can use toothpaste as a clean house tip and DIY idea for cleaning? Toothpaste makes a great alternative for when you run out cleaning supplies, and you need something that works quickly. Use a bit of toothpaste on a microfiber pad and polish up your kitchen taps, use a soft cloth to polish up afterwards for a shine that will impress you. Use some toothpaste on a microfiber pad to polish up those dull car headlights. This DIY idea will get rid of all the dirt and grime from all that driving, and leave your headlights shiny new. Next time your iron is not working quite as well as it should because of the dirty surface, try using some toothpaste as a clean house tip. Put a bit of toothpaste on a microfiber pad and rub away all the dirt. Your iron will look like new.

2. Toothpaste as a clean house tip for polishing silver. Sick of all your jewelry and silver cutlery turning a dusky grey color? You don't need to go out and purchase expensive special silver cleaning polishes, just buff in a little toothpaste with a microfiber pad and youll have your sparkly silver back in no time.

3. Whitens piano keys. It can be sad when your beautiful piano starts to look older than its years because of yellow keys. Just as toothpaste helps out with yellow teeth, it does the same for yellowing piano keys, so make your piano look brand new in minutes.

4. Clean your shoes with a bit of toothpaste. Brand new shoes never look new for long, especially when they have white edges. Using an old toothbrush, brush around the edges of the shoes with some toothpaste, and youll be surprised at how much it will brighten up your shoes.

5. Use toothpaste as a DIY idea for cleaning chrome. Whether its towel rails, chrome taps, or even chrome on a motorbike, you want the chrome to be shiny, not dull. Theres no need to go out and purchase expensive chrome polishes, just rub a little toothpaste onto the chrome, and youll see your reflection in no time.

6. Use toothpaste to help reduce spots. This is an old myth you may have heard that does hold truth. Toothpaste is great remedy for drying up those pesky pimples that always seem to pop up the day before an interview or a date interview. Go for a simple, white toothpaste, especially if you have overly sensitive skin.

7. As a DIY idea for soothing bites and burns. Stingy burns and bites can be a pain if you have no special medication and the pharmacy is closed. Most often there is some toothpaste around somewhere, so dab a small amount onto the wound, and youll be surprised at how soothing it can be.

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