How to Build a Rustic Log Picnic Table

Weekends is a time where family gather together and bond each other. It would be best if you’ll create a rustic log picnic table with benches or simply picking up a ready made one. Before planning to build, you need to gather a list of all the materials that you might need. These are the following:

Materials to use:

- 4 logs, 8 feet by 12 inches in diameter- Planer

- Power Log splitter

- Carpenter’s pencil and tape measure

- Chalk line

- Belt sander, either coarse or medium sanding belts

- Deep clamps

- Scrap wood clamp pads

- 4 lengths 2 inch by 4 inch stock lumber

- 3 inch wood screws

- 2 pieces 1 by 4 inch by 8 feet stock lumber

- Rubber mallet

- 6 logs, 3 feet long and 6 inch in diameter

- Carpenter’ s glue

- Power drill with 1/2 inch bit

- Hacksaw

- A box of fender washers about 1/2 inch diameter hole

- A box of 1/2 inch diameter hex nuts

- A box of carriage bolts, 1/2 inch in diameter and 10 inches long

Now that you already had an idea of the materials to be use. The next step that you have to undergo is how to build it. There are various sources that you can search via internet to give you an idea on how to create and build awesome rustic log table. Instructions might include how to cut the lumber properly with exact sizes and proper measurements may vary, steps on how to prepare the tabletop, the proper way to attach the legs without breaking it in, and the steps for final finishing touches that might include varnishing in order to protect the rustic log picnic table against some elements for outdoor exposure.

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