How Cool! Beautiful Wooden Stairs Looks Like a Runner

We all know how beautiful hardwood floors can be in any home design. They just bring so much character and warmth to any room. Of course, there are the vinyl options which also look quite nice, but they just don't have that same look or feel that hardwood flooring has. Most often, you'll find that hardwood flooring is made out of hard woods, which makes sense. Softer woods like pine, spruce and cedar are good for building houses, but they are too soft and not durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear that you need when you're using it for flooring. The types of tree that are best for flooring include walnut, oak, maple, acacia, fir, and many more. These woods are all extremely tough and very durable so they can stand up to the highest wear and tear you can imagine. Of course, hardwood is susceptible to nicks and scratches, but that's to be expected when you're living in a home. When people install wood floors into their floor plan, they usually will just install it the regular way running in one direction. But there are so many other ways to install hardwood flooring, which is what these photos from Curbly have to show us.

These are some really inspiring home designs and diy ideas for hardwood flooring. Taking a regular concept like hardwood flooring and putting a creative twist will make a huge design impact. Like one of the examples in the list, shows plywood planks cut to the same lengths and then just stained different colours. You could also do this with some pallet wood if you were able to get a few decent pieces of it. There's also a great idea to create a pattern out of the hardwood flooring like a square pattern that extends outward. In the list of photos, one person created a beautiful pallet wood floor with a square design. Then there is the amazing live-edge black walnut floor that was professionally installed. This floor looks unreal, and it must have taken so much skill to install it. The way they positioned it on the staircase makes it look like a runner going all the way up the stairs which is pretty impressive and inspiring. If you're not ready to invest in real hardwood floors, maybe you could take some diy ideas from Mandi at Vintage Revivlas, who used some pine board to create a gorgeous star patterned wood floor.

Or, you could even use some plywood sheets from Home Depot and cut them into wide floor planks and then stain them and seal them. They look just as great as the real deal. If you have some logs around, you could also use the slices from the logs to create wood tiles for your floors which looks pretty cool. Or, you can use some lumber sliced end to end to create wood bricks that get placed on the floor just like tiles would and then have a coat of sealant added over top to seal it all up. People used to use this flooring technique to finish the floors in factories because it was a more affordable option than real hardwood flooring. You could even just lay down large pieces of plywood down, put on a stain and seal it for a quick and easy flooring option. There are so many great diy ideas in here for wood floors, so if you have a floor than needs finishing, check some of these out and see if you can put any of these design ideas to use in your home design.***

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