City Wont Let Veterans Stay Homeless, Builds Tiny Homes. Gives Them To Vets For Free

Now here's an idea that could really make a difference in people's lives. In Kansas City, Missouri, the people won't let the veterans stay homeless, so they build tiny homes and give them to the vets for free to help with their transition. If you've ever been out in a city, you'll surly see many homeless people, or people panhandling for some spare change. It's easy enough for most people to just keep walking and not think too much about it, or pass judgements on those who are having a harder time in life. The truth is, we don't know exactly what brought each person to where they are now. They could be there because of their own decisions and life choices, or they could be there because they lost their home to some unfortunate circumstance. In the United States and Canada a good majority of these homeless people are veterans of war, either past wars or the present war that troops are still involved in. When these people go off to war, they risk everything including their lives to serve their country. Living in a war torn country is quite a dramatic change from living in North America and upon returning, the veterans of war can feel quite out of place and have a hard time re-integrating back into "normal" society.

Many of the veterans have post traumatic stress disorders that keep them in a state of hyper-vigilance, meaning they're always on guard, ready for attack. They have to get counselling to help them work through a lot of their issues and to heal from the traumatic experiences they encountered. As you can imagine, this can really take it's toll on a person leading to chronic anxiety and depression, which makes it very hard to go out and get a job and a place to rent and have a sense of purpose every day. This is part of the reason why many of the veterans end up homeless and jobless, feeling hopeless and distraught. So finally, some folks got together and decided that they didn't want to see any more of the veterans of war out on the streets any more. They deserve more than that for the service they have done after all. So they took inspiration from tiny house designs and got to building tiny homes for the veterans to live in and call home as they transition into living back in America.

This is a wonderful, heartfelt movement established by the Veterans Community Project in Missouri, who want their micro homes to be an inspiration for cities all across America. Each of the micro homes provides one veteran with a space of his or her own upon returning from duty. A home with a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom, just enough space for one person. The program is all about veterans helping veterans which really gives the returning vets a purpose. The vets help out by building tiny homes from the set of approved tiny house designs and setting them up in a community where vets can live together and meet regularly. It forms a sense of community and fosters a sense of belonging. Each veteran will be given a home, food and utilities for a period of time and then the veteran slowly takes on the payments as they find employment. Then, the veterans will eventually make their way into their own home outside of the community when they are ready and able. If you are inspired by the movement, you can even donate to the cause to help out, or you can even volunteer if you live close by.***

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