Build the Perfect Green House Out of 2x4's

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own greenhouse? Having your own greenhouse could mean you could grow your own food year round depending on where you live. Starting a garden in your greenhouse is easy, the hard part is getting the greenhouse. Sure, you can buy a greenhouse from a company, or you can even buy greenhouse kits that you can build yourself. But if you want to keep costs low and build something that is completely your own unique design then you can build a diy greenhouse like this one featured on Modern Builds. In this video from Modern Builds, Mike shows us how he built his simple, small greenhouse out of 2 by 4's so that we can build one too. You don't need to have too much building experience, but if you have some, even better. This is a project that you could do with another person and have it done in a day or two; it's really that simple. The full plans for the greenhouse are found on RYOBI Nation where you can find tons of diy projects and how-to projects around the home and backyard. You can sign up for a free membership as well.

So for this diy greenhouse, you're going to need clear polycarbonate corrugated panels, and white PVC panels, and you'll also need 1 by 4s and 2 by 4s. First of all, you're going to need to frame your wall, so once you know the size you want your greenhouse to be, you can measure and cut your pieces to be that size. Building the green house along a 2 by 4 spacing the studs out 24 inches on centre is going to be the easiest. You can measure out where you'll nail or screw in the studs along the bottom and top boards and then you'll secure them in place with your nail gun or drill. You can always use a hammer and nails too to keep it simple. Once you have two of the side walls framed up, you're going to start on the front and back walls of the greenhouse. These walls will be 6 feet long in the video, but you can make them any size you want. You could even make them 8 feet long like the other two walls. So you'll have to cut your pieces to size and then create the frames for the back and front walls.

Then, you'll make the rafters for the roof and attach the corrugated plastic siding as the roofing material. The plastic comes with some adhesive that you can put at the bottom seams so that it's sealed from the rain. The plastic siding is a must for a greenhouse since you want to bring in as much sun light as possible. It's either this or using glass which can be much more expensive and could break easily. However, there are people who have made greenhouses out of recycled windows, and they look really cool. Once you have your roof on, you can start adding shelves and then the corrugated plastic to the sides of the greenhouse. You can add in the shelves however you like, but Mike shows us how to add shelves going all the way around the entire greenhouse and all the way up to the top, so in total there are 3 huge shelves in the greenhouse. This would be perfect for housing a lot of plants which means you could grow your own food year round. Enjoy the full tutorial and think about starting a garden in a greenhouse with this diy greenhouse project.***

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