Boston Cream Pie Cheesecake

There is no doubt that this Boston Cream Pie Cheesecake is going to be good! Wow, first a layer of cake, next a layer of cheesecake, then a pastry cream layer, topped with a chocolate glaze. The featured cake also has such a beautiful garnish. Can you imagine the response if you presented someone you love with this as their birthday cake! They are going to feel pretty special and see that you went all out on this one.

This cheesecake is baked using the hot water bath method. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is.When a recipe calls for this, here is what you do.

Cut a large piece of heavy duty extra wide aluminum foil into a large enough piece that you can cover the bottom and sides of your springform pan. The aluminum foil must come all the say to the top of the pan. Be careful not to tear the foil. We do not want water leaking in.

Find a baking pan, such as a lasagna pan that is big enough that your cheesecake pan will fit into it.

Prepare your cheesecake as per the instructions then place the cheesecake into the baking pan. Place the baking pan with cheesecake into the oven.

Boil some water in you kettle. Pour the boiling water into the baking pan so it surrounds the springform pan. You need to put at least an inch of water so that it does not evaporate during the baking process.

When the time is up, shut off the oven and let the cake cool in the oven without disturbing it. (or if the recipe says to take it out, just do as instructed). You should end up with the perfect cheesecake that has no cracks on the top.

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