Beautiful Barn Converted into Family Homes, Must See Interior!

When it comes to barns turned into houses each one has a unique story of its own. Like this renovated Canadian barn that was relocated to Connecticut by its previous owners. The Washington, Connecticut barn was renovated by interior designer S. Russell Groves to make this 19th-century barn stunning with rustic wooden beams and posts and wood flooring. Outside is just as nice with a beautiful pool and country setting. The interior designer furnished the rustic barn home conversion with warm, modern pieces and added zinc and marble countertops to the kitchen. This barn home conversion is just one of the barns you will find on the site. The following are just some of the nine barns turned into houses you will see.

The next barn style house on the list is another red barn located in Roxbury, Connecticut. The barn home conversion is situated on 69 acres and is a barn-style house that is the result of a collaboration between the builder, Edwin Cady and interior designer Juan Montoya. To build this stunning barn style house they had to collect enough building materials for the 14,000-square-foot barn structure. They had to disassemble two 18th-century barns and their parts which included vintage pine, cypress, and hemlock that had to be trucked to Roxbury. Another barn style house in Perkasie, Pennsylvania also has a red exterior but a completely different look to the previous two. Penny Drue Baird and Irwin Weiner were the interior designers for this barn style house where they enlarged the 19th-century barn to 4,000 square feet and transformed it into a rustic guesthouse and entertaining space. The designers milk-painted the well-preserved wood and clad the lofty structure, which now has large French doors and windows that allow plenty of natural light to fill the space.

Paris-based interior designer India Mahdavi oversaw the renovation of a rustic barn style house that comprises of an old barn and several additions. The barn style house is located in Litchfield, Connecticut. One of the buildings in this barns turned into houses is a restore games barn, on the 150-acre property. You will also see a barn that was originally built as a horse stable in 1895. The barn style house is a two-story barn that was renovated and enlarged by architect David Ling for artist Tom Grotta and his wife, Rhonda Brown, a lawyer. The barn sits on a two-acre sites and uses original wood-beams throughout. Inside there is a living room/dining room/den that is connected via a passageway to a new gambrel-roofed addition.

Several of these barn style houses used the traditional color of red for their exteriors. When people think of barns, they quite often think of red. This is because hundreds of years ago Linseed oil was used by European farmers to seal the wood. Linseed oil is an oil that is tawny-colored and is derived from the seed of the flax plant. The Europeans painted their barns with this linseed-oil, tawny colored mixture, which was known for producing a paint that was longer lasting and would dry and harden quickly. This is when having a barn build that was red became somewhat of a fashionable thing, which was a sharp contrast to the traditional white farmhouse of the time. As the European settlers migrated to America, they brought along with them the tradition of the popular red barns.

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