Barns, Reborn as Homes

Barns, Reborn as Homes are gaining in popularity as more people yearn for the simple life. An old barn is the idyll place to live providing lots of space and open concept designs. These historic spaces are getting renovated in unique and modern ways. Once primarily the homes of cows and livestock, old barns and grain silo are getting new life as people convert them to homes, event barns and more. More and more you see barn renovations and new barn builds that raise the bar on home designs, with high ceilings, plenty of exposed beams throughout and interesting details. Some of the barn homes are stunning; they are unique and beautiful spaces made even better by the natural setting they are built on. Many of the old wooden barns that you see on the landscape aren't seeing much agricultural use anymore. A lot of these grand structures are proving to be becoming more popular with peoples home tastes, not only do they offer ample square footage and open-concept designs, but quite often they are in remote locales with plenty of privacy. So instead of tearing these barns down, homeowners with money to renovate are making changing things up, and turning them into spacious, modern residences. One thing to consider if a barn home is something that appeals to you is the heating and cooling costs of these large-sized spaces. With that much space to heat and cools, you can be sure that the bills will be more than you are used to.

Judith Racht from Niles, Michigan converted an old barn complete with a grain silo on the side, to a home with a sleek, modern interior. A place where animals once slept has given way to a home with contemporary furnishing modern art pieces and an open concept kitchen with stainless steel cabinets. Racht, who used to be an art gallery owner used to live in a house on the 62-acre farm. But in 2010, she began renovations and moved into the antebellum barn. She said the overall feeling of the barn was like that of a church, picture high ceilings, open space and light pouring in. It took two years to renovate the interior or the 4,200 square foot home. The barn home has two bedrooms, four bathrooms, a workout room and a 57-foot long lap pool in the basement.

A barn is typically an agricultural building that is usually located on farms and used for a variety of purposes from storing crops to housing livestock. A byre is another word for a barn that is meant for keeping cattle. Older barns can be found in the United States that were built from wood that was hewn from trees that sat on the farm property and built log crib barns or timber frames, although stone barns were also built in areas where stone was a cheaper material for building. In the mid to late 19th-century timber framing methods for barns in the United States began to shift away from the more traditional timber framing method to truss framed or plank framed buildings. There are also truss or plank framed barns that were known to reduce the number of timbers that are used by using dimensional lumber for the rafters, joists, and sometimes the trusses.

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