Alliance Log Home Can Build Log Houses in Natural Log Any Shape and Any Size You Want

If you've been dreaming about a log home of your own, there are plenty of options available to choose. This log home company located in North Manchester in the United Kingdom is just one of the log home kits for sale that you might consider. Imagine a log home of your own, or maybe you are thinking about adding to your existing home and need something in the way of a pavilion, barbecue house, garage or a home kit to use for camping. This log home company makes everything from leisure buildings to residential homes and everything in between in a variety of designs to fit your lifestyle and needs.

When it comes to choosing a log home kit for sale, you will want to know the difference between handcrafted and machine milled log homes. In handcrafted home kits, the logs used in the build still look like the natural log would look, with the only alteration of the log being in the removal of the outer layer bark and part of the inner bark of the log. What makes handcrafted log home designs beautiful, is in the character and the uniqueness of each log. Handcrafted logs look just like nature intended, and their unique character is visible in the finished log home design. Logs that have been either altered by hand, by machine or with a combination of both, but joined by custom hand fittings are still considered to be handcrafted log house kits. An example would be with hewn log walls, where the logs for the log home kits have been flattened on all sides and then scribed or chinked together with interlocking notches. When it comes to a milled log home kit, the logs in the kit are mechanically profiled and designed to be identical in dimension with every piece in the log home kit design. The logs in these log home kits for sale are not logs, but rather milled machine pieces of wood. When you look at handcrafted and machine milled log home kits, you will see the difference in these two designs as each has a unique look of their own. Of course, handcrafted log home kits are much more labor intensive, and you will see this hard work reflected in the overall price of the log house design.

When you compare handcrafted log homes with that of machine log home kits for sale, this type of home is not as labor intensive as handcrafted log home kits. As for the prices of log home kits and designs, the overall price will depend on a long list of variables to include the log home design, the type of wood used, the style, size, roof structure and finish of the building materials used. With a rectangular one-story log home kit being the least expensive of log home designs, as there are no corners involved in the overall design, so it is the most basic of log home kits you will find.

This home kit is just one of the log home kits for sale you will find on the Facebook - Alliance Log Homes site. These high-quality log home kits, mobile home kits, and garden buildings are just a few of the designs the company makes. This log home company can supply all parts of the United Kingdom and supply any timber building from small garden annexes to school buildings, holiday park homes, sports clubs, residential houses and so much more. The company's core products are either hand made or milled solid log home kit buildings. They make mobile lodges, summer houses, and residential log homes that are built by craftsmen in several production facilities, that are located in Europe. **

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