After Seeing How She Organizes Her Pots and Pans, I Will Never Store Mine the Same Way Again!

We could all use some help with organization in our homes, and after seeing how she organizes her pots and pans, you will never store yours the same way again. Good thing there are plenty of real life hacks that help us make our lives easier. In the past you may have gotten a cool tip or trick from a family member or friend, or from a book. But now, we have the internet to help us out, and many different sources sharing all sorts of advice and tips. Hometalk is one of those sources that you can look up any time you need real life hacks or diy ideas. They have step by step instructions on most of their diy ideas, as well as videos that show us exactly how to do the diys. There are also hundreds of diy ideas on YouTube on a variety of topics. You can find diy ideas for crafts, home improvements and home decor, as well as personal items like clothing and accessories. There are also tons of hair and make up tutorials for anyone who likes to experiment with different styles and looks.

The video featured on Hometalk shares such a great idea that will make our lives easier by storing pot lids in a different way. Most often, you may find yourself storing your pot lids with the pots they come with, but, if you have a large collection of pots and pans, you will also want to be able to stack them up neatly. When you try to stack pots and pans with their lids on, it can quickly turn into a big mess and create a lot of clutter in your kitchen cupboards. Then, when you go to take out a pot, it creates an even bigger mess, and a lot of noise when they all come crashing down on top of each other. If this is what usually happens to you, then this tip will help you out immensely. All you need for this organization project is some adhesive hooks which you can find at any hardware store, usually in the same isle that you would find hooks and nails to hang pictures. The adhesive hooks are great for hanging anything from photos to paintings, and in this case, pot lids. They are great because they have a special adhesive that won't rip off pieces of your wall when you take them off. All you do to remove them is pull a strip of the adhesive down, and they release with no mess to clean up.

You'll want at least two hooks for each pot lid, so make sure you buy enough packages for your project. If you have some left over, that's okay, these little guys come in handy for all sorts of projects. Take your first pot lid, and hold it up to the inside of the door of the cupboard where you store your pots and pans and decide where you want it to go. Then hold up the other pot lids and see how they will all fit on the back of the door. You may want another person to help you with this part of the project, and you may want to mark where the hooks need to go, which will be at the bottom of the lid, with some space in between them. Then take each of the hooks and stick them to the marks you have made on the back of the door. Your pot lid should rest nicely in the hooks and rest there until you need it. Check out this and more real life hacks on Hometalk.***

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