Adobios Beautiful Tiny Clay House with Working Fireplace and Egg Shape Door, Wow!

An adobe house is a house built out of the earth that has been mixed with water and an organic material such as straw or dung. The soil composition of this type of house is typically made of sand, silt, and clay. This adobios tiny house design was built in France, and it is like nothing you've seen before. It looks like something out of a fairy tale with its rolling roof and soft lines. Inside there are lots of curved lines with a built in fireplace, built-in table, and a lovely wooden door. The unique roof adds to the charm of this unique tiny house build. This tiny house design costs the builders $36,000 to build. The small cottage home has walls made of clay and straw that are covered with a first insulated thick plaster and a then a top clay coating, waxed. For the roofing to prevent any degradation from the rain, the roof is made of a rubber layer that may last more than 100 years. The rubber is than covered with grass. Inside to make the tiny house design look as nice as can be the inside plasters are immaculate with a lovely chimney made of clay and sand. You will also find little shelves that are placed here and there to allow some candles to stand. A chest inside this tiny house design will be the main furniture.

Inside this unique tiny house, design is a floor that is natural so you may now and again have a flower or two growing inside. You want to be sure and keep the floor covered to avoid any moisture. You might cover with some nice carpets, blankets, or anything that will make it feel comfortable such as cushions and a mattress. As for maintenance of this small cottage home, you will want to be sure and use some water so that the roof will become green. You may also rewax the inside walls every tens year or so for a nice shine. If you are wondering when and how to build a tiny house design such as this, it will depend on the area and region that you live. The sun helps this type of build better than the rain, so ideally you want to build a tiny house design such as this in the summer.

These tiny house designs can last a long time. The roof is warranted for 40 years, and the clay walls could last for hundreds of years. To build the Adobio tiny house design it takes about one month and a half. You could build a tiny house design or small cottage home such as this in any sort of natural location from your garden, the forest, desert locations, country location and more. This is an ideal off-grid type of tiny house design build as it doesn't need any electricity to build, just as long as you have water. Imagine building a lovely little place such as this in a forest location. You may even choose to have a charming tiny house design such as this with some solar panels for electricity so you can light this tiny house design with some led lights and recharge your phones if and when needed.

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