A Tiny House Looks Quite a Bit Different When It's 18' Wide. Interesting...

Small house living might be a little easier living in an 18 foot by 10 foot tiny house design. Here is a beautiful tiny house on wheels located in Centennial, Colorado and it's actually for sale. This is a rare find too, a tiny house on a 10 foot trailer. Most tiny houses are built on trailers that are 8 feet wide so that they fit within the highway regulations. Since this trailer is 10 feet wide, the new owner would need to get a single trip pass from the DMV which only costs about $15 or a whole year pass which would be about $250. The current owners of this tiny house hired a professional to move the house and they just charged a flat rate which included the permit fees. So it actually doesn't cost too much extra to move it and if you are looking for extra space, this tiny house would be perfect for that. The people who built it as an in-law suite found out that they can't live in it full time on their property, even though they can keep it on the property. So this tiny house has never been lived in.

The design was built on a brand new 18 foot by 10 foot insulated trailer, which is how they were able to build their tiny house larger than most. There's also a loft that can fit a queen size bed room to spare and windows to keep it bright and well ventilated. In total, the home has 11 brand new windows which bring in tons of sunlight and views of the outside world. They went with a stairwell instead of ladder to make it feel more like a home and provide easier access. There's enough room for a small couch, a spot to place a TV in the living room area. There's also a heating and cooling unit in the space to keep the temperature just right. In the kitchen there's plenty of countertop and cabinet space, with a double burner cooktop stove. There's also space for a mini fridge or a all in one washer dryer unit. The dining table is collapsible, and folds down against the wall to make more room in the home. Then, when it's folded out, chairs can be pulled up to sit at it. Any of the furnishings you see can be added onto to the house price.

The bathroom is a nice size for a tiny house design, and the shower is hand made out of corrugated metal. There's also a nice little sink and vanity under the window with frosted glass, and they installed a brand new composting toilet and an on-demand hot water heater meaning you'd never run out of hot water. The house could also be able to go off grid. It has a 35-gallon water tank, and a 240V connection with a custom made RV plug which means it could be hooked up in an RV park. Then, you could just set up a solar panel system and a gray water system, and you'd be off grid. The design is very minimal and simple, but the extra square footage definitely makes a difference. They kept all of the decor very simple, so if you were to purchase it, you would be able to personalise it any way you wanted. Instead of going with a smaller tiny house design, you could embrace small house living in a space that's a little bit bigger. Have a look at the photos of the tiny house and see what you think. Do you think the extra couple of feet makes a big difference?***

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