A Solar-Powered E-Bike

It's so inspiring and incredible how many new inventions and innovations are coming out seemingly every day! Here's another one to add to the roster of amazing inventions, the Solar - Powered E-Bike! This technology was invented and designed by Jesper Frausig from Copenhagen as a new and improved version of the electric bicycle. Giving cyclists yet another option for cycling. The solar cells on the wheels of the bike, charge in the sun as the bike is resting and give you potentially 40 miles of riding. What a great option for long distance cyclists who don't want to rely on electricity!

Solar power is the way of the future! It's completely sustainable and working with nature to provide power. Cycling is also becoming a more popular way to get around, since it doesn't rely on fossil fuels and is not as costly as the insurance and registration to own a vehicle. Plus it's a fun way to get around quickly! Who doesn't love biking? The solar powered bike is just a prototype so far, but hopefully with enough people seeing this article and it gaining more interest, it will go along a lot faster. Electric bikes are a great way to limit pollution and a fast way to get around, faster than a normal pedal bike that relies on human force to power it. With this solar powered bike you don't have to go around looking for electricity to charge it up, you just have to park it out of the shade, in some sun and let the solar cells do their job! Its so awesome that there are more solar powered options being made readily available for people! What and exciting time to live in! Head on over to Goods Home Design to see some great photos of this excellent prototype and read the article.

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