A Medium-Sized Log Cabin That Is Anything but Average (Click to View Floor Plan)

This Lake Haven log home plan is a charming log home plan of 930 square feet. The log home plan has an open dining/kitchen/living room downstairs, with one bedroom and a full sized bathroom. Upstairs there is a sleeping loft; that opens to the space below. The finished log home has lots of wood beams, and country finishes to make for a beautiful log home design that you will fall in love with. The My Woodhome site has lots of log home information to help you on your log home journey. You will find everything from log home planning, log home budget, log home floor plans, log home builds, log home furnishings and maintaining your log home.

When you begin to consider building a log home, there are several steps to get you started. On this log home site, they have an interactive quiz to help you on your way with the first question on the quiz asking you if own a piece of property to build your log home. If you don't own your piece of property already, they can offer suggestions on how to start the process of purchasing a piece of property. Some of the tips they offer on buying a piece of raw property to build your future log home are very useful. As selecting the site for your log home is as important to your log home project as choosing the log cabin design to build.It's true that part of the appeal of log homes comes not only from the log home structures themselves, but also from where the log home is located, and the environment that surrounds the log home. A log cabin is only made better by the aesthetics of the land, and how it combines with the environment that the log home sits on. If you are thinking about building a log cabin in a development or a parcel of land that has already been subdivided for new log homes, you will have fewer worries, than if you were just to buy a piece of land that is not developed. A piece of property that has been subdivided will already have a road and access to utilities, and will be attached to a public sewer system.

There are disadvantages to buying a piece of land that is already developed, as you might have trouble when it comes to the rules on how and what type of log home you can build. You will have to deal with plenty of restrictive rules that will dictate a lot of your aesthetic choices, and there will be a review committee that will also help in limiting your log home vision. You will also have fewer options when it comes to choosing the natural environment of your surroundings.

Log homes and log cabins continue to be one of the most popular types of home builds. Around for centuries, they have proven to be both durable and comfortable, a home that people often can't resist. There is something about using natural materials that appeals to us, and it's no wonder as living in a log home is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Trees are a renewable resource, and when harvested from a well-managed forest are good for the environment, and is a good choice economically, socially and environmentally. Wood is a natural material, so when it's in your log home, you are breathing in wood and not toxic chemicals. Wood is known to reduce greenhouse gases and stores carbons. A healthy sustainable forest is a good solution to climate change. For every acre of healthy forest, almost three tons of carbon dioxide is absorbed, and close to two tons of oxygen is released.

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