A Handcrafted Log Cabin Built Perfectly From Natural Wood

The wrap around patio on this handcrafted log cabin is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic views that surround the log house design. Handcrafted log house designs have been built for hundreds of years in the northern countries of Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe. It is in these countries that you will find the tall trees that are best suitable for log home building and log house designs. Handcrafted log house designs were usually built using only an ax and a knife. Home builders and home buyers from around the world are realizing that a log house structure is a healthy, comfortable, and a home that has lower energy consumption, and better overall performance. A handcrafted log house design also reduces the impact of buildings on human health and the environment in regards to things like site selection, log house construction, design, operation, maintenance, and demolition.

When it comes to choosing a log home floor plan, there are many differences between a handcrafted and a machine milled log house design. In handcrafted log house designs, the logs used in the log house construction still look like the natural log with its shape as it was in the forest. The only alteration of the handcrafted log is in the removal of the outer bark and some of the inner layer of bark. What makes a handcrafted log house design more beautiful, is the character and the uniqueness of each log, and this unique quality can be seen in the finished log house designs. Logs that have been altered by hand, by machine or a combination of the two, but joined by custom hand fittings are still considered to be handcrafted log house designs. An example would be hewn log walls; this is where the logs for the log house construction have been flattened on all sides and then scribed or chinked together by interlocking notches.

For milled log house, the logs used in the log house construction are mechanically designed and profiled to be identical in dimension with every piece in the log house. The logs used for milled log house construction are not logs as they were in the forest, but rather machine milled pieces of timber. It is easy to see the difference between milled log house designs and handcrafted log home designs. A milled log house design has logs that are all consistent in size and dimensions compared to a handcrafted log house design where the logs are not all the same and have more character. In handcrafted log house construction, each log in the log house design is different from the last. Handcrafted log house designs are much more labor intensive then milled log houses, and you will see this price difference in the overall price of the log house construction. If you are want to save on the price of a log house construction, you will find more affordable options with milled log house designs. Other factors that will affect the price of a log house design are with variables from the log house design, the type of logs used, the style, log house size, the roof structure and the finish of the logs. Most often the simpler the style of log house design, the lower the price will be with a rectangular log house design as there are fewer corners in the design.

This is just one of the log house designs you will see on the Tauern Block site. You will see a variety of style and designs of handcrafted log homes from rustic to luxury and everything in between. You will also see log house construction in all stages from start to finish. **

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