A Dream Barn Home Cabin with Must See Interior

The Kendalia Event Barn is a beautifully restored dream barn with a wide English frame perfect for events and large gatherings. This modern barn was originally built in 1870 in Glen, New York and is now restored in Kendalia, Texas. The restored barn is 4,000 square feet making it a large space that still feels warm and comfortable even when empty. This lovely modern barn works for everything from casual family gatherings to formal black tie events, in a space that has minimal decor and furnishing. The carefully restored historic timber in the barn space combines both rustic and modern appeal that suits its beautiful Texas Hill Country backdrop.

When it comes to restoring antique barns whether for barns turned into houses, barn home conversions or barn style houses there are many details that can be included. One of the details that can make a barn unique is the use of antique materials such as antique beams. In the age before the Industrial Revolution and before sawmills would forever change the lumber industry, beams that were made for barns, homes and other structures were hand crafted. Giant virgin growth trees were felled by axes. Once the trees were on the ground, the hewing process of the trees began as the craftsmen would begin the long, laborious task of squaring up the logs using a variety of axes. Salvaged wood siding and wood flooring are another popular barn detail that you will find in many barns turned into houses. Salvaged wood siding and salvaged wood flooring is crafted from stable, old growth trees and wood, with reclaimed being a beautiful and durable type of flooring and a unique way to finish out barn spaces. When salvaged and installed properly the floors will be the focal point of any barn style home.

The history of antique barns is long and interesting. These beautiful wood and timber build typically used the timber framing style of building and differed quite a bit from the historic barns of Europe. What differentiated the American style of timber framing from that of the European barns was when the European or Old World pioneers first came started coming to America, they found an entirely different building situation in the building materials they had to use. What was different were the trees found in America because in countries like Ireland, England, and Holland the land had been cleared of trees, so the building materials they had in these countries at this time were very poor quality trees to work with. Unlike the vast untouched trees that they found in America which changed the style and methods of building barns. For this reason, the building materials in Europe were short and unstable crooks of trees in their buildings, a practice that wasn't unnecessary in the New World. Once in the New World, the trees were straight trees over one hundred feet tall with a wide variety of trees to choose from to include pines, hemlocks, oaks, beech, maples, and chestnut (which made up approximately one-third of the northern forest) just to name a few.

The Kendalia event barn is just one of the barn restorations you will find on on the Heritage Barns site. This company has restored over two hundred barns, and with each restoration, they have been able to build unique barn homes for people who appreciate the timeless and simple beauty of hand-crafted working buildings. With the barn restoration process, they have learned so much about America's agrarian past as each barn tells a story. This barn restoration company also offers restored barns for sale in different parts of the country. **

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