A Cozy Barn Homes You Wish You Could Live In with Must See Interior!

This stunning and cozy barn is beautiful inside and out. You could work and live in this beautiful modern barn with it's two unique barns connected by a full sized silo. Whatever you chose to do, you would be living the dream, surrounded by scenic property and open spaces all around. The exterior of this barn style house is wood, lots of stonework, and lots of windows. Inside this barn style house is rustic yet modern, with its stone fireplace, red trim, work out room and modern lighting. You won't be able to stop thinking about this barn style house once you take a closer look at all the details.

When people think of the traditional color of a barn red usually comes to mind. This is because hundreds of years ago European farmers would seal the wood that was on their barns using linseed oil. Linseed oil is an oil that is tawny in color and is derived from the seed of the flax plant. The Europeans would paint their barn builds with this linseed-oil mixture, which was known for producing a longer lasting paint that would dry and harden quickly. This is when having a barn that was red became a fashionable thing, which was a sharp contrast to the traditional white farmhouse. As the European settlers migrated to America, they brought with them the tradition of the popular red barns. It was at this time that red became the preferred color for barns until whitewash on barns became cheaper, at which point white barns began to show up more often. Today, the color of modern barns can differ, and can often depend on how the barns are used.

One of the biggest things that set barn builds apart from other types of builds is the unlimited use of exposed beams throughout their builds, this is part of a barns appeal. Another part of the appeal of barn builds their wide open interior spaces; this makes barns the ideal spaces for entertaining and having plenty of guests over. The classic and traditional designs of barns that you will find all over America for centuries are full of beauty and history and are part of America's history. These days barn restoration is an exciting trend that is helping to preserve the history of these beautiful builds. With all of the barn restoration projects, you are finding more and more barn style houses, modern barns, and barn home conversions being built. It's exciting to see some of the new barn builds and designs that are being designed and built. The use of natural building materials like stone and wood only help to add to the appeal of these traditional designs. When it comes to building barns, you will find all sorts of details that add to the character and charm of a barn design. One style of barn build is the Gambrel barn which features two different roof pitches, one being steep and the other one shallow. Dutch doors are another unique barn feature. Dutch doors are divided horizontally, which allows the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. These Dutch doors are a popular addition to horse stalls; the doors allow light and ventilation into a space while keeping the animals inside.

This is just one of the barn style houses you will find on the GMK Architecture Inc. site. This design firm located in Madison, Wisconsin began in 1984, so they have over 30 years experience. The architects at this firm embrace new ideas and technology combined with the time-honored traditions of the past. **

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