4,650 Sq. Ft. Victorian Queen Home Is Everything You Would Desire for Just $739,000

Built in 1992, the beautiful Victorian Queen at 25 Belle Isle Way is a log house like no other. This custom reproduction offers the best of both modern features and amenities and historically accurate architecture. From it's Old World porch to its bright, light-filled interior, this is one of those large log home floor plans that's guaranteed to astound. To start, the log house boasts an impressive 4,650 square feet of indoor living space. While the price tag for this log house might seem a bit hefty at $739,000, that works out to just $149 per square foot, which is hardly a bad deal. This is especially true when it comes to existing log house construction that includes an amazing, three-level stair case, four on-site parking spaces, an in-ground pool, a brick fireplace and a utility basement among many other things. Log house construction of this size and style are rare, and thus, you shouldn't expect this log house to remain on the market for long. All of the third floor of this stunning home is a finished living area that's perfect for many different options in entertainment, recreation and media. This area of the log house features a skylight and gorgeous cathedral ceilings that are in keeping with the style of the Victorian era. From the outside, you can easily see the intricate and ornate detail-work that's indicative of this architectural style, and the log house additionally boasts its own prominent turret. With three stories, three bedrooms, a decadent master suite, two baths, and a half-bath, the log house can easily accommodate a large family and several guests, while still having room to spare.

If you've been interested in log house design for some time, you should know that investing in existing log house construction is often the best way to go. Large log home floor plans like this one can be extremely difficult to commission. In addition to finding the right lot for your new log house, you'll also have to wait a considerable amount of time before your builders will be able to make their way through all of the long and arduous phases of development. Large log home floor plans such as this will already have everything that you need for living a lavish lifestyle. For instance, in addition to an incredibly modern, granite and stainless steel kitchen, you'll also have access to an ample-sized breakfast area that overlooks your own private terrace. In fact, from this space, you will even have the ability to peer down into your gunite pool. With 0.46 acres of available land, this log house has a backyard that's much like its own resort. The master bedroom suite sits just off the hall on the second floor of this log house, where it's absolutely bathed in the natural light that streams in through the large windows.

At the exterior of this log house, you'll also find a very sophisticated landscaping plan that perfectly frames the abode and showcases its elegant style. This is flanked by a beautiful drive made of macadam stone. Moreover, there's a separate garage structure that can house two vehicles. The log house has an impressive brick chimney and countless other elements that can be viewed from outside, and that greatly increase its overall curbside appeal. Typical log house construction is all about bringing people closer to the natural environment while making the best use of indoor living space. Log house designs in this vein are generally very basic, durable and toned down. Conversely, the massive log house that's currently for sale in Cranston, Rhode Island, begs for attention. It's gorgeous both inside and out and offers an impressive range of contemporary amenities, even as it maintains its traditional charm.

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