Are you having second thoughts about Earthships? This article is going to help you decide about living in an Earthship! *silence* I know some of you guys are thinking about Earthships and spaceships, but I will tell you now that these two are completely alien from each other, ok? I thought about it too before, but yeah… Anyway, I’m going to share three of the ten reasons why Earthships are fu… *silence* sublimely awesome! But before the sharing, I will give you a little information about Earthships first. Let’s start! *winks*

An Earthship is a “type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and recycled materials such as earth-filled tires.” This is designed and marketed by Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico. The term is a registered trademark of Mike Reynolds, an American architect, and founder of Earthship Biotecture. He built the first Earthship in the early 1970’s. Earthships are off-grid ready, and it aims to reduce the use of public utilities and fossil fuels. They make use of the solar energy. According to Wikipedia, “Earthships are designed to use thermal mass construction and natural cross ventilation, assisted by thermal draught (Stack effect), to regulate indoor temperature.”

So, did you get what an Earthship is? “Well, now I know.” Great! So here’s the first reason Earthships are f!#%ing awesome! You get free food when you live in an Earthship. *silence* “That’s f!#%ing awesome!” I know right? An Earthship consists of a greenhouse where you can plant and grow food all year round. If you want meat and eggs, you can have your own fish pond and chicken coop. See? What a sustainable and healthy living! Another one is that Earthships are cheap. They are way cheaper than conventional houses. However, if you want an Earthship that is more fab, you might need more than $7000. *winks*Lastly, they are made of recycled materials. If I am to weigh the ten reasons, this one has the heaviest weight. “Heavier than food?” Ten times heavier than free food, my friend. Recycling is not only convenient and efficient in our part; it is also very helpful for our planet. Instead of burning all those unused tires, Earthships save our ozone layer by using the as walls. Real awesome, isn’t it?

Now I know these three reasons aren’t enough. Why don’t you click The Spirit Science’s website below for more?

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