10 Clever Ways To Put Concrete On Anything Your Heart Desires

If you thought concrete was just for paving sidewalks, these diy ideas might just change your perception of this rock solid material. This is just one of the many diy cool projects from Hometalk, the worlds largest diy community. If you love making different things around your house and find yourself enjoying diy projects regularly, you'll want to join this amazing community of people. You can join with Facebook or with your email account and become a member of the site. Then you can share your own diy ideas and projects as you feel like it. You don't have to become a member to do the projects though so if you just want to try out some of their diy cool projects first, you don't have to join right away. You might find it hard to choose which projects you're going to try out next there are literally thousands of them on this website. They range in complexity from easy to difficult, and they always tell you on the diy project what they rate it as so you know what you're getting yourself into before you start. The nice thing about the diy tutorials on this website is they all come with photos usually, and sometimes videos too which makes it easier to understand what each of the steps will be.

This is a collection of diy ideas using concrete. Usually, we'll see concrete used for sidewalks, or for yard and garden projects, but you may have never thought of using concrete for different home decor projects. Some homes even use concrete for the floors which looks pretty cool actually. They put the concrete down as usual, but then they seal it with an epoxy, so it looks nice and finished. The result is a very durable floor that will stand up to almost anything, plus it's a pretty affordable way to get nice, modern looking floors without having to spend a bunch of money on the hardwood. You can also use concrete to make kitchen or bathroom countertops. As the photos from Hometalk show, concrete looks great as a countertop, plus, much like the floors, they will stand up to almost anything which would especially be great in the kitchen. You could also add concrete to the top of a side table or make a dining room table out of concrete with wood or metal legs. It would be very heavy, but it would look really sleek and modern.

You can even make your very own drink coasters out of cement. Just use some old plastic containers or moulds and pour some concrete into them and let it set. Then, remove the mould, and you have some really cool looking coasters. You could leave them as is, or you could put on a coat of sealant to finish them off. One of the diy ideas shows us how to make garden stepping stones from concrete with leaf patterns in them. You just take a leaf, and while the concrete is still wet, you press the leaf into the top of the wet concrete to leave it's imprint. You could even write a quote or names in the concrete if you wanted to personalise them. Or why not make an outdoor bar with a concrete countertop? It looks really cool and would serve a purpose too. Enjoy all of these great diy ideas for using concrete in different ways around the house. Try a couple of these out when you have some extra time and see how they turn out. Don't forget to share these great ideas with your friends too.***

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