Step Inside This 2 Bedroom Tiny House, the Bedroom Lighting Is Simply Divine!

Feel right at home when you stay at this lovely 2 bedroom tiny house in Beaufort, South Carolina. This home is a historic 1889 home that has been beautifully restored and decorated. You will be very comfortable in this tiny house. The tiny house is not on wheels either, so it's a larger tiny house than the ones that are built on trailers. In the rental home that's available on Airbnb, there is one bedroom with a luxurious king sized bed, and there's also a queen sized bed in the second bedroom, and each of the rooms has it's own storage and cute little window seats. The bathroom has gorgeous marble flooring and countertops with an impressive shower stall with a window in it. Like most tiny houses, this one uses a tankless hot water heater which means unlimited hot water for guests. It would be really fun to stay in a tiny house like this especially if you were considering small house living yourself. You could test it out and see if it's really for you and get ideas for your own tiny home design.

The kitchen is actually quite large for a smaller space and has everything you'd need and want in a kitchen. There's a fridge with a freezer, a full sized oven and an electric cooktop, as well as a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. They also provide all of the dishes and cookware as well. Moving into the living room, there is a very comfy looking sofa and some nice chairs too with a TV that comes with cable and TiVo DVR. It just shows you that you don't have to give anything up just because you're downsizing. In fact, you may be able to upgrade since you'd be able to afford the higher quality items with lower mortgage payments. The outdoor spaces around the home are also so inviting and comfortable, with two swings on the front porch and a table and chairs on the back porch with a barbeque for grilling up some yummy dinners. They kept the overall structure of the home intact and the old style, but they just freshened it up with some new white paint and a black metal roof with some matching black shutters.

Many people wouldn't consider doing a black and white exterior, but it actually looks very classy and stylish, especially with all of the greenery surrounding the home. The couple bought the house a few years back, and they just finished restoring it in 2015. This tiny house was originally built as a kitchen to the larger house that's next door. In the beginning, in 1889, the house consisted of just two rooms which were the kitchen and housing for the servants. Then, in 1914 it was added onto to extend the living space, and that's the floor plan you see now. It's so interesting how buildings change and evolve as the years go on, and how much history can be held within the walls of these homes. This is a great example of what you can do with a tiny house when you renovate it. There are so many great upgrades you can implement, and since you're working with a smaller home design, you won't need to spend as much as if you were working with a larger floor plan. Use this home from Airbnb for inspiration if you're remodelling your home, or if you're thinking about purchasing an old tiny house in your area. Small house living would be a treat in a lovely tiny house like this one, and it shows us that even the oldest houses still have a lot of life left in them.***

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